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    GuoTai Group's 2022 version of anti-aircraft gun advertising upgrade debut

    Upload time:2022/5/25 15:15:34         Number of visits:135

    [GuoTai  News] Recently, all the new pictures of the 2022 edition of ten townboards on GuoTai Shanghai-Nanjing Line have been updated, with a brand-new image, together with Teacher Tang Guoqiang, showing the big-name style of Cathay Pacific Fire.


    In recent years, in order to speed up the promotion of GuoTai 's brand awareness and influence, and let more customers enjoy Cathay Pacific's products and services, in addition to building print media, Internet, CCTV and brand image spokespersons, a series of brand promotion new layouts have been made in outdoor media. Ten billboards of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway are densely placed, concise, eye-catching and majestic, and the brand exposure is greatly increased through the "pillar-style" mainstream placement. This new picture still gives a visual impact with a wide range of red, and at the same time highlights the image of Tang Guoqiang, the spokesman of GuoTai  brand image, which shows the values of GuoTai  Fire brand with his lofty and upright character. In the future, GuoTai  will continue to advocate everyone's attention to fire protection together with Teacher Tang, and call on more people to raise their awareness of fire protection, so as to contribute to the safety of fire protection.

    In the future, GuoTai  will continue to deepen brand communication, launch a brand building campaign in an all-round way, go all out and work hard to start a new journey with a strong posture of sustained and steady development.

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