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    Wang Genbin, Chairman of the Group, attended the Standing Council of Jiangsu Fire Protection Association.

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    [Guotai News] On the afternoon of May 25th, the Second Standing Council of the Sixth Jiangsu Provincial Fire Protection Association was held in Nanjing. President Jiang Zhenglin presided over the meeting, and Wang Genbin, the vice president of the association and chairman of the group, attended the meeting.  


    The meeting reviewed and approved the annual work report (draft for review) of the Association, the development plan (draft for review) of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Association, the list of supplementary suggestions of directors, executive directors and supervisors of the Board of Supervisors of the Association, and the compilation discussion draft of the management system (measures) of the 6th Council of the Association. The meeting also considered and decided on the adjustment plan and personnel arrangement of the association's offices, and the personnel plan of three specialized agencies and five industry branches, and passed the resolution of the second standing council of the sixth session of the association.  

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    Under the leadership of Chairman Wang Genbin, Guotai has been leading by example and setting an example, actively participating in the work of the Association, taking the prosperity of the fire protection industry as its own responsibility, driving more enterprises to feed back the society, working together with directors and member enterprises to explore new paths for the development of the fire protection industry, and contributing more wisdom and strength to the work of the Association!

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